How much do Hair Extensions cost ?

Like everything that is individual the cost of hair extensions varies.
There isn’t one price for everyone as the experience is not an “Off the peg” or “One size fits all” proposition.
The reason being we all have different requirements some of us have a lot more hair than others so it wouldn’t be realistic to have a menu of fixed prices, this is why a bespoke package is tailored to suit all your requirements.
However it is realistic to say that full head Hair Extension prices range from £290 upwards and Part Head or Volume solutions start from £180.
At Extensions by Debbi we recommend our no obligation consultation, this will answer all your questions and enable us to put together the appropriate hair solution to suit you ……..and your budget!

Will my Hair Extensions look real ?

We are often asked this because clearly out and about and in the media there are examples where this is clearly not the case!

Here at Extensions by Debbi we are confident enough to say “Yes” your extensions will look and feel completely natural, and our years of expertise also guarantees a perfect colour match and a seamless blend with your natural hair.
Also being trained traditional hairstylists enables us to ensure the extensions form part of the completed style.
When everything is done correctly no one ever needs to know you have extensions.

What is Remy hair ?

The term “Remy” is often used (and misused) in the world of hair extensions, it can be misleading and extremely confusing. Whether or not hair extensions are truly “Remy” will have a huge effect on the quality and the longevity of the hair, which is why it is important to understand what this term truly should mean.
“Remy hair” refers to hair extensions which have been collected from a human hair donor, the hair has gone through only minimal processing to ensure that the hair is soft, silky and also tangle free.
The hair should be cuticle correct meaning that cuticles are not stripped and they remain aligned in one direction, this is important to ensures the hair will remain tangle free.
Non cuticle correct hair is unmanageable and inclined to “Birdsnest”
Extensions by Debbi proudly source only true Remy hair which is cuticle correct.

Which method of Hair Extensions will suit me best ?

Reading about the many different methods can be confusing and trying to understand all the terms used can be daunting and frustrating.
But don’t worry, this is why we offer a no obligation consultation so that together we decide which method of extensions is best suited to you and your lifestyle.
Calling upon our experience we take into consideration so many factors before offering guidance about which method will suit you best.
We know that it is important to ask the right questions, for example
Do you go to the gym ? Go horse riding ? Do you swim ?
Might you wear scarves, hats or glasses ?
There are so many elements we need to know to ensure we can tailor the perfect package for you ?
We also take into consideration your natural hair, what is your hair texture, is your hair thinning, fine, coarse, wavy or extremely thick or brittle?
All these will help us decide together which is the perfect method for you.

How long do Hair Extensions last ?

This will depend on which method of extensions you choose.
Some methods require maintenance and others do not.
For example pre bonded extensions can be worn for 3-4 months usually maintenance free until replacement. Others methods can be worn longer term but will require regular maintenance. Following the correct aftercare regime and using the right products will keep your hair extensions in tip-top condition. Some types of extensions feature hair that can be removed and reused our premium hair can have a lifespan of up to a year with the correct aftercare.
At Extensions by Debbi our hair sourcing and product selection, along with the right guidance will ensure that you get real value as well as stunning results.

How long does it take to fit Hair Extensions ?

It normally takes 3-4 hours for a full set of extensions including time allowed for the all important cutting, blending and styling. Flashes of colour and adding of volume may be achieved in around an hour, whilst a part head procedure is typically achieved in around 2 hours.

Can I remove my own Hair Extensions ?

It is not advisable to remove your own extensions. Hair extension should always be removed by a professional hair extension specialist we are experts in this field. The removal process will depend on the method you choose, all removals are performed ensuring their is no damage to the natural hair. Fusion bonds and pre bonds are removed by applying a solution directly to the bonds this gently breaks down the structure, they are then then crushed with an extension tool so the bond will gently slide out.
The micro-ring method simply involves clamping the ring until it opens and gently sliding down off your own hair.
The tape method is removed by spraying a professionally formulated remover on them and gently easing the tape out.
Extensions by Debbi has dedicated time and research to be able to guarantee that removal of Hair Extensions is trouble free.

What is maintenance appointment and how long does it take ?

Hair extension maintenance frequency and time needed will depend on which method of hair extensions you have chosen. Fusion bonds are maintained every 4-6 weeks, pre bonds can be worn for up to 3-4 months an do not usually require maintenance appointments. Micro and Nano rings will usually require maintenance every 8 weeks and for those with tapes maintenance is required every 4-6 weeks.
Maintenance appointments times vary between an hour to 90 minutes, occasionally longer if that is required.
We will always advise you and agree a correct maintenance programme to keep your Hair Extensions just as you want them.

How long does my hair need to be to have Hair Extensions ?

Based on years of experience we suggest the minimum practical length suitable to carry extensions is around 4 inches. This ensures your hair extensions will blend in with your natural hair and create the perfect finished appearance.If your hair is shorter in certain areas it may still be possible for us to help, we have been known to work magic…..please contact us.

Will Hair Extensions damage my hair ?

Hair extensions will not damage your hair providing they are applied and removed by a professional hair extension specialist. However hair extensions do require a little more time and care than your normal hair routine.
We recommend you follow the aftercare regime and use specially formulated aftercare products which have been designed to be gentle to both your extensions and your natural hair these products ensure proper hair health and condition having all the nourishment extensions require.

What hair products do I need to use ?

Here at Extensions by Debbi we have developed and sourced an exclusive range of Hair Extension aftercare products which will nourish and keep your extensions looking fabulous.
To ensure your natural hair and your extensions maintain their qualities it is important to add both nutrition and moisture since hair extensions do not directly receive nourishment and nutrients in the same way as our natural hair.
So it is important to use recommend products which have been specially formulated to keep everything correctly balanced and hydrated.

Where are you ?

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The welcome will be friendly and your consultation will be equally professional and private.

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