Hair Extensions Aftercare Aftercare and maintenance is a vital part of the Hair Extensions experience.

Once you have your new look which has been created by your fabulous Hair Extensions you will certainly want to look after them and keep them looking their very best.  Extensions by Debbi will guide you on how it is best to style and look after your extensions, and advise on which Hair Extension products to use.

Maintenance Appointments

Maintenance requirements will depend upon which method of Hair Extensions you have.  Regular maintenance appointments will keep your Extensions and style looking their best.  A maintenance appointment typically lasts 1 hour to 90 minutes – that’s a small investment to keep this fabulous look!


It is very important that Hair Extensions are removed correctly.  The long term health of your hair is an important consideration.  Please do not attempt to remove your Hair Extensions yourself!!

Aftercare Products

The correct products are essential to meet the needs of your Hair Extensions.  At Extensions by Debbi we carry the full range of products which have been uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of Hair Extensions to keep them in tip top condition and looking great.

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