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Bespoke Service

Offering a professional and personal service based in West Hunsbury, Northampton. All appointments are on a one-to-one basis and are scheduled just for you. A friendly service and warm welcome is guaranteed.


The consultation is a key part of the hair extension experience.
This gives you the perfect opportunity to ask all the questions you may have, and we will answer all your questions.
We can talk about your hair goals and discover how it will be possible for us to achieve them together, having confirmed hair extensions are suitable for you and your budget.
We will chat through all the different methods of extensions and advise which will suit you and your lifestyle best.
Taking the time to ensure we achieve a perfect match with your hair texture and colour and only by our bespoke personal matching “one on one” is it possible to ensure your new look seamlessly delivers the hair you have always dreamed of.

Your consultation typically takes 45 minutes but it is very important and time well spent enabling us together to explore and understand just what you want.

Consultations are absolutely on a No Obligation basis.
There is a £20 booking charge taken to reserve your time slot, which is refunded off your final bill should you decide to go ahead.

If you decide you wish to go ahead a booking can be made at a time convenient to suit you. A non refundable deposit representing 50% of your costs will then be payable to secure your booking and allow us to place the order securing your hair extensions and any products needed for your transformation.

Explore our Hair Extensions Methods

Hair Extensions can achieve so many different fabulous effects and there are many different ( Sometimes Confusing ) methods to choose from to deliver a dramatic change or the most subtle effect.
With Hair Extensions so much is possible……it really is up to you!!

We are trained, certificated and fully experienced in classic hairdressing and every aspect of Hair Extensions. Constantly updating our skills and techniques enables us to offer all leading systems and the very latest techniques for the application and care of Hair Extensions.
Our guarantee is to guide you expertly and ensure you are comfortable with the right choice for you, using only the very best quality hair and aftercare products.

Classic Fusion

Classic fusion is one of the most popular methods as it enables total flexibility and creativity.
This bespoke method facilitates perfect colour blending and we are able to create small, neat and very discreet bonds.
This method can be particularly successful for fine hair and delivers natural appearance and colour integration making it perfect for creating fabulous hair trends including Ombre, Balayage.
It is achieved by selecting individual strands of hair, blending together sometimes up to five different colours to create one individual bond.
To this is carefully applied the extension resin which is in turn bonded to a small section of the natural hair using a professional extension tool.
This method really does create a truly natural blend resulting in a seamless finish. A method which can be worn long term and maintained with regular (typically 4-6 weeks interval ) maintenance appointments.
Sometimes previously referred to as the Racoon method this method is technically demanding requiring a high skill level, but when performed correctly it can deliver the ultimate Hair Extension experience.

Pre Bonded Extensions

Pre Bonded hair extensions, also know as Keratin Bonds, are an incredibly popular method perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle and perhaps not a lot of free time.
They require little maintenance and can be worn for 3-4 months and then removed. It is then possible for the hair to be re tipped and fitted again.
These extensions are produced already having the bonding attached to them. They are applied to the hair using a special, safe heat fusion applicator. They come in a wide range of lengths, hair textures and all the very latest colour trends including the fashionable Balayage hair effect.

Bespoke Colour Blending

This rarely offered service is unique to each individual client and not widely available. This technique allows us to create lots of fabulous blends, it is the perfect option if you are looking for something just that bit matter what colour you require we really can achieve it.
This is a truly bespoke service which really ensures your colour match is absolutely spot on.
We create your perfect colour match by blending each individual fusion bond tailoring it to the correct size to suit your requirement. Every tiny hand made bond is created especially for you to ensure your ultimate hair goals are achieved.
This process really is an art form we have spent many years perfecting
requiring a keen eye for detail and dexterity. It recognises that each client is different and has unique requirements when it comes to their hair.
If you think this is interesting just book a consultation and let us talk you through the magic.

Nano/Micro Ring Extensions

There are various ring methods available including Micro Rings, Nano Rings, Mini Links, and a range of different ring size are available to suit most hair types.
This is a process doesn’t require heat, glue or chemicals, and has become incredibly popular over recent years for these reasons.
The extension comes with a pre bonded tip which is fed through a ring along with a small section of your natural hair. Using specialist tools the ring is then squeezed closed securing the hair extension in place. This method should be maintained ( typically at 8 week intervals ) and can last up to 9 months with correct aftercare.

Curly Hair Extensions

We have, following extensive research, been successful in sourcing our specialist range of natural Curly Hair Extensions.
Available in lots of lengths and many fabulous colours this luxurious hair can be tailored to suit your requirements, we can match curl tension, texture and colour to your natural hair ensuring a perfect blend and seamless finish.

LA Weave

Do you love big bouncy hair ?
Then the LA Weave is the method for you.
The great thing about this method is it can be applied, cut and finished in less than 2 hours. The hair can typically be removed and re fitted up to three times at maintenance appointments. This is a method which does not require heat or glue being attached by micro rings and an intricate stitching method.

Tape Extensions

Tapes are a great method if you are looking for a short term solution.
They come with an invisible header which ensures they blend in with the natural hair, they are ideal for Weddings, Proms or maybe a one off occasion.

A section of hair is taken and sandwiched between the two tapes and clamped together whilst making sure the hair is secure.The tapes are removed after 4 weeks and may be reused.

Perfect for the "lunchtime makeover" a quick and easy transformation.Tapes come in many lengths and colour combinations and suit most hair types.

Maintenance Appointments

Maintenance is a vital part of any successful hair extension experience. Maintenance requirements will vary depending on which method of Hair Extensions you have and will be outlined during initial consultation.
Periodic maintenance appointments will keep your Extensions and style looking their best. A maintenance appointment typically takes 1 hour to 90 minutes – that’s a small investment to keep your fabulous look!


It is important your hair extensions are removed correctly by a professional hair extension specialist to ensure the safety of your natural hair.
Removal typically takes between half an hour to two hours depending on how many extensions you have and your aftercare regime.The long term health of your hair is extremely important.
Honestly, do not attempt to remove your Hair Extensions yourself!!

Aftercare Products

Correct products are essential to properly meet the needs of your Hair Extensions. At Extensions by Debbi we carry our own full range of appropriate products which have been specifically formulated to meet the needs of Hair Extensions to keep them in tip top condition and you looking great.

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