Hair Extensions Guide

Are you interested in the world of Hair Extensions ?
Do you want to know more about them ? 
Not sure what to do next ?……..

Well here is a short step-by-step guide to help you.

We all have different hair types, coarse, straight, wavy, curly, fine, frizzy…..the possibilities are endless.
Whilst most of us we are not blessed with a fabulous mane of beautiful hair, that doesn't stop us from wanting one.
Hair Extensions offer realistic solutions and provide dramatic results to give us the change we need to achieve the hair of our dreams...

Step One - Give us a call

There is no obligation, just the opportunity to speak with someone who truly knows all about the world of hair extensions.

Get answers to those questions you need answering:
How much will it cost ? Will they look natural ? How long does the process of applying hair extensions take ? How long does my own hair have to be ? 
How soon can I have mine ? In fact this is the perfect opportunity to chat through anything at all you would to know about hair extension.

Step Two - Book your Consultation (30 Minutes)

Booking a Hair Extension Consultation will enable you to talk through your ultimate hair goals and confide in your hair issues. This is the perfect time to decide on what you would love to achieve, and explore the many possibilities. At your consultation you will be able to touch, feel, and see the different types of hair…..and there are so many to choose from.

We want to achieve a flawless colour match - we will decide upon the colours that will give your required effect, and of course provide you with a quotation for the cost of your new look.

Step Three - Which Hair Extension Method ?

During your consultation we will go through all the methods available and decide which one will be suited to you and you lifestyle we will tailor a bespoke package to suit your requirements . When it comes to the day time to perform the application you will have an appointment lasting between 90 minutes for a part head, or style, or colour effect, and up to 3-5 hours for a full head of Hair Extensions. 
Your consultation will have hi-lighted all your individual requirements.

So let's take a moment to discuss the several different types of methods - one of which will be decided upon as suitable for your hair and the goals you want to achieve. So, which method of application and type of Hair Extensions is suitable for your hair?

Not all methods are suitable for everyone, and some are particularly suited to a hair type or an effect you are looking to achieve.

Pre Bonded - This is one of the most popular methods. Individual keratin bonds are attached using a fusion heat wand. This method is great for giving volume and a full look. Typically these will last for 3 months after which they will require replacing.

Fusion Bonds - This is a very popular classic method which has been successful for years allowing colour blending and the flexibility to create a completely natural looking resulting with almost invisible bonds.  
This method, whilst requiring a high level of skill and dexterity, is ideal for most hair types, particularly very fine hair. On fine hair and fringe areas using this technique we would create a micro bond, a very small bond a perfect solution for fine thinning hair. Typically fusion bonds can be worn long term with ongoing maintenance sessions every 4-6 weeks.

Micro Rings/Nano Rings - This no heat method has been around for a couple of years and has grown in popularity as it is regarded as natural and kind to your own hair.  Small rings are used along with a pre-tipped hair extension strand. No heat or glue is used with this method. This is the simplest type of application, but it is not always entirely suited to those with fine hair.  With regular maintenance these extensions may last up to 9 months.

LA Weave - This is a no heat no glue method, micro rings are attached in rows the weft is applied to the rings and secured by stitching . This is the simplest type of application, but it is not always entirely suited to those with fine hair.  With regular maintenance and correct aftercare the hair can be removed and re fitted a number of times.

Tape Extensions - Tapes are a quick and simple method, great if you are looking for a short term fix, not perfect if you love to wear your hair up all the time. They come in various lengths and colours, great for adding instant volume. They can be removed and re fitted.

Next Step - Which Hair ?

Which type of hair is for you ?

All our hair is ethically sourced. It comes from many different locations around the world depending on colour and type, the possibilities include Indian Remy, European, Russian Mongolian, and Brazilian.

We only use top quality double drawn cuticle correct hair to create your perfect Hair Extensions.

Hair comes in various textures, as well as straight/curly, and levels of coarseness or fineness, and this will affect the likely longevity. 
At your consultation we will find the perfect match for you.

Remy is a word we get asked about a lot but "what does Remy actually mean?"
Remy is a term used to described hair which is cuticle correct (cuticles are kept intact within the hair and all hair strands follow the same direction - this is to ensure high quality in use, and keeps the hair free from tangling).
Non-Remy hair is when the roots and tips are mixed together and do not follow the same direction, this will cause hair to matt and tangle giving a very poor defective result……We never, ever, use Non-Remy hair!!

Next Step - What Hair Length?

Hair comes in different lengths starting at 12” going through to 24” 18” is one of the most popular hair lengths, special orders can be placed for hair up to 30 inches.

Next Step - How Much Hair ?

Everyone's hair is different in terms of weight, density, length, level of bounce, texture, and fineness, so each client's Hair Extensions are tailored to suit their individual requirements, weight for weight is always applied this ensures the extension is the correct weight and density for the section of hair it is attached to.  
Prices are tailored to suit each individual requirements, this will vary from person to person according to the amount, length and type of hair needed to deliver that individual's perfect result.

Full Head Hair Extensions - This will add volume and length, providing a complete transformation.

Half Head Hair Extensions - If you just want to add some fullness or volume, and no extra length, then it is likely that you will need what is termed as a half head of Hair Extensions.

Part Head Hair Extensions - For a Hi-Light/Low-Light effect to add some colour, a part head of Hair Extensions will deliver the desired effect.

3/4 Head Hair Extensions - For adding just a small amount of Extra Length you will require 3/4 head of Hair Extensions.

Next Step  - Making Your Booking

When booking your Hair Extension fitting appointment a 50% non refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. This enables the order to be placed for the hair and products particular to your individual and personal requirements, and the time slot to be secured.

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